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  1. I read everything! Any time I had a question or felt a funny twinge (which is constantly when you’re pregnant haha)I whipped out my phone and googled away. Sometimes it made things worse but usually it was pretty reassuring. Now that I’m doing the two week wait again trying to conceive #2 I’m finding myself doing the exact same thing except now I’m just driving myself insane. Exercising and staying active is definitely another way I keep myself calm and together.

  2. I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fantastic! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.

  3. Zelfde probleem met een briefje van 500. Wat een onzin echt dat banken die niet kunnen wisselen. Ik kon m’n ongenoegen niet inhouden toen een bank me vertelde dat ze 500 euro briefjes niet kunnen wisselen en ook niet weten waar dat wel kan. Handig! Waar is een bank in godsnaam goed voor als ze geen geld kunnen wisselen? Super irritant.

  4. 14bGreat site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get feedback from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!24

  5. Would like to know more about communication with your boss in a difficulty situation. I would like to know more NLP. Do you have any learning program that can learn it on line, because I am a full time worker, could not attend any course.

  6. Não ACREDITO!!! Tô aqui segurando o respiro (diz pra ele n demorar se não fico roxa!rss). Mas os filhotes tmbm!! Uma honra!!Ritinha, bjk do fundo do meu coraçãoc

  7. Sim, Óscar, vivemos no hiperbólico pois não temos mais certezas se somos vistos;) O exagero, tem a ver com a voracidade, as ânsias por possuir o “novo” , né?? Como uma enlouquecida corrida de cavalos. “Precisamos chegar na frente , sempre”. Até no que tange à compra de uma virgindade, né?…

  8. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m already sickened by the hysterically prudish reactions. Funnily enough, no one seems to mind the sex and nudity in Almodovar’s or Van Trier’s films. They are screened in art schools.and widely revered as masterpieces. But when a Lebanese director slightly pushes the boundaries, all hell breaks loose on him.Props to Salim El Turk for steering off the civil war cliches and to those who object to the film on moral grounds but are hypocrite enough to watch it, I hope some sense prevails over your dumb minds.

  9. elin.e: tack!Mimo: tack du!Mikaela de Ville: ja, det ska jag verkligen ha!Linus: oops, sorryEbba: men det är ett perfekt val om man gillar att se kort ut :)Johanna: den ligger utanför Montevarchi, nära Florens och Pisa.Linda: det gick inte att se länken tyvärrAnna: jag gillar när de är matta, jag hittade en sort förra vintern på Lindex, ngn form av support-historia i 60 den

  10. jake / Drives me nuts. All that stuff I’m slowly digging through, already known, already discovered. But then having to find proper sources for those things, reading a zillion books, and so much of it not hitting that sweet spot.H.L. could have put that thought in my head, clearly, when I was 16.

  11. Hallo Michael,es freut mich, dass dir das neue Modell gefällt. Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf ein Testgerät von Samsung (haben dir mir versprochen). Die Tastatur gab es schon mal bei amazon.de. Da hatte mich letztens schon jemand gefragt. Zur Zeit ausverkauft, ich würde aber trotzdem bestellen, einmonatige Wartezeit glaube ich nicht, das geht schneller. Zum Thema Hintergrundbild (beim Media-Player??) gab es damals bei den Extras ein Menüpunkt zum Hochladen eigener Bilder.LG/robin

  12. Just wonder why this "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The reference to entity "body" must end with the ';' delimite" error always prompt every time i wanna save template after inserting "sharing is sexy" widget into my blogger? I'd follow about 6 to 7 tutorial on inserting this widget from net, but it's still not working. Thank's.

  13. BA io am experienta la poze de genul acesta . Cu asta ma ocup am 29 de ani si va pot spune ca si ia are vreo 19 ani. daca va uitati atenti la sani si la fund o sa obsevati ca sunt prea rotunjite pentru o varsta mai frageda!!!! O si fatza se poate modifica in photoshop!!! sunteti cam nestiutorii!!!!!!!!ATENTIE LA CE AM SCRIS MAI SUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ever since I saw that russian kid doing all that crazy shit I thought man thatkid is like me, I bet I could do that. It inspired me, I even told my mom that, ahh I should have taken gymnastics like she wanted me to when I was younger. Oh well. But anyway I took a run outside after thinking man I grew up in the wrong country (USA, theyll arrest you for that kinda stuff here) I ran outside and started jumping over fences and stuff.

  15. Não só os nomes, mas também a numeração, o posicionamento, a dinamica, a tecnica e o tatico entaum nem se fala olha só a comparação que fiz do nosso time amador o Operario Social Clube Verdana da dec de 50 e o atual:1950:1- Fausto – G5- Ferrero – Z3- Caruzo – Z4- Jayme – LD6- Caninha – LE2- Capucci – M8- Gianluiggi – M10-Furtado – M/A11- Zequinha – PD7- Raúl – PE9- Ernesto – CAAtual:1- Paulo Roberto – G3- Leandro Afonso – Z4- Alex Marques – Z2- Mateus – LD6- Guilherme – LE5- Leandro Kolt – V8- Marquinho – V11- Alex Couto – M10- Juninho – MA7- Vandinho – SA9- Ricardo Alves – CA

  16. daniele · lunedì, 8 ottobre 2012, 11:46 amma chi se ne frega di berlusconi clini bersani e vendola,la salute e l’ambiente di taranto vengono prima di tutto, sia di destra che di sinistra son stati ben compiacenti,tanto a pagare è sempre la povera gente,e poi chiamano terroristi gli altri. se non è terrorismo questo…

  17. I never thought much about the translation either Danielle until a few years ago when some news came out to much acclaim and criticism. I like the hardcover cover art better too Lesley. And yes, I gurantee if you read the book, it will wreak havoc on your wishlist.

  18. November 16, 2012Yes they are Nurik. Very important. It is a good idea to record new vocabulary in groups of words. Words occur together very frequently and using them properly will give you a very natural sounding response in both Speaking and Writing.Keep practising Nurik!

  19. LubiÄ™ je najbardziej już nei za smak, a sentyment. PamiÄ™tam, jak szalaÅ‚am za nimi w dzieciÅ„stwie, jak zajadaÅ‚am siÄ™ Å‚akociami z wielkim uÅ›miechem na twarzy.LubiÄ™ je też wÅ‚aÅ›nie za to – uroczo wyglÄ…djaÄ…. Nieważne, czy jest siÄ™ fanem sÅ‚odkoÅ›ci, czy też nie, takÄ… babeczkÄ™ po prostu chce siÄ™ mieć. Poprawia humor i stanowi barwny, przykuwajÄ…cy spojrzenie akcent. Nie ma chyba osoby, któremu coÅ› takiego by siÄ™ nie spodobaÅ‚o.PlubiÅ‚am wój profil jako Relish Your Meals i udostÄ™pniÅ‚am tam też Twój wpis.

  20. Doutor!!! o senhor sabe mais do que eu isso com certeza pois é muito mais experiente, quando chega no limite e a soberba começa a tomar conta de alguns o grupo não é mais o mesmo e os resultados começam a sucumbir, depois de 82 como Brasil e 74 com a Holanda tudo é possível, acredito que já pegaram o macete do Barça e com certeza com o tempo tudo se torna ultrapassado.

  21. Ist es Antisemitismus?, irgendwie ja, aber es ist so unklar, so konfus, und da ist noch was Anderes.Nazismus… es ist Nazismus. Nicht? Das elende Sätzchen des Dortmunder Schmoggele ist eine nazistische Aussage, die Hitlern exkulpiert, er nimmt ihn gegenüber den Israelis in Schutz, denn da steht, dass die israelischen Rassisten (plus Buurmann, der sie deckt) viel offener rassistisch als Hitler seien.Oder?+1

  22. I’m going on Monday. I guess it wouldn’t make much difference if we booked tomorrow or Tuesday…. I just hope we manage to win the flight lottery somehow. Also, how many bags do you think you’re taking?

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  24. Not being a driver, I can’t really appreciate the glories of Satnav, though I do like being in a car which magically starts to SPEAK in some way. And the comparison with writing is good.I’m so glad you’re reading Dissolution and I hope you like it. You have all his others to go to as well, when you’ve finished that one. he’s one of my favourites. Hope you stay UNLOST this coming week!

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  26. CHUCKLES….remember we’re trying to cleam up this site…hearne…take thatonedown….you don’t need that kind of trash.But…if you consider the source…another cranky old bald guy spewing out x rated language…then you understand why they write such trash.chuck…hows that revolution gun thing working out for you. How is the prez race working out for you? see the maps chuckles? not good for your boy…take care….you should be ashamed of yourself.

  27. Co do świetności to miałbym pewne wątpliwości Łączę w całość kilka cytatów ściągniętych z książki i posłowia Leszka Engelkinga, ot co. A książka ciekawa, nie-zwykła to biografia, czegoś mnie nawet nauczyła. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  28. The architect of the Home Loan Modification Program, being “sponsored” by the Obama Administration, is a Colombian Accounting Company. Yes, the Drug Country, Columbia.The modification only last for 5 years.The primary purpose of the program is data mining. Secondary effects are to make illegal loans legal, satisfy notice requirements, re-structure the paperwork for tax deduction, allow the Banks to cash out.

  29. C’est quand même hallucinant que des gens puissent vouloir se débarrasser de la bombe. Le QI moyen des français qui devrait être de 100 est plutôt au alentour de celui d’une moule.

  30. Interesting how virulence, idiocy, profanity and irrelevance all coincide with anonymous, unsigned posts. I’m tempted to think someone’s pulling our collective leg to give silly examples of what Dr. Helen is saying.But in spite of an urge to find (false) consensus by suggesting moral equivalence (appeasement doesn’t work with any unreasonable entity), it’s hard not to conclude that the experiments listed above would be very, very telling – and reversing them, ideologically speaking, would have a very different result.

  31. OK, setting aside the fossil fuel issue for a moment, I’m having trouble visualising how the electricity thing will work. Do we have to run the CHP all the time, or is it a case of selling a surplus to the grid when we’re using the boiler, and buying it from the grid when we’re not? Can it coexist with an existing metered surplus scheme such as from photovoltaics or a wind turbine?I’m just wondering if this will really be “free” electricity at all. It’s not a technical issue, I’m sure the device itself is great, but a lot depends on how BG market it and what restrictions and tariifs they impose. Much more research required on the nuts and bolts of how this will work.

  32. che,la verdad no te entiendo..en vez de estar con nosotros preparando la entrega del release para esta noche (incluyendo laburo de varios fines de semana) preferís estar tomando sol en una lanchita en el adriatico..que manera de desperdiciar tu tiempo cassan..eh?….(snif)…abrazo querido!gracias por sacarme el prejuicio o imagen mental de que la parte Este del adriatico está destruida por las guerras, y es todo gris…increible (e inesperado) las imagenes de Croacia

  33. Police et Justice française ne sont pas au top ! Il y a des bavures, de l’injustice, des dérives, de l’abus de pouvoir etc ET l’Hôpital prend le relais dans certaines situations (ou son contraire) de manière zélée aux comportements très abusifs.Il y a des médecins qui disent de ne pas fumer, de ne pas boire, de ne pas se droguer, de ne pas crier etc aux patient(e)s alors qu’eux le font aisément )

  34. That might be the rationale. They go to great lengths to proclaim the “objectivity” of MSNBC. If they can lie about that, they can lie about anything. My big fear is Mark Lloyd and what he is up to at the FCC. Might they try to spring some new and oppressive regs to limit free speech, say, next summer or fall, just before the elections?

  35. – Thanks Swan for stopping by and adding the kind comments.@Simon – Thanks for reading my blog. Olivia Mitchell is a great person for speakers like yourself to follow. Here’s to your next 3 events where you integrate Twitter into your presentations!

  36. Holy cow, you worry too much! If your child is a responsible kid and you are aware and involved an iTouch and/or phone should be no problem. My kids have both. 11 &13. There is no doubt text and cell is the chosen manner of communication. We discussed the potential problems with texting. And even worse sexting. I also peek in on the texts and discuss them with my kids if they get out of hand.Relax. This stuff not leading to jail. Wait till he wants a Facebook page!

  37. IP, finally I'm sorry that I offended you, but the differences between the left and the extreme left are increasingly non-existent today. Its attitude on Israel is only one sign of that. Israel was not created by the left, it was however almost destroyed by the left who were willing to appease the Arabs endlessly while murdering Jewish patriots and it is being destroyed by the left today.

  38. Ray – with TP or ST, were you able to check the difference between the over-the-water speed when you were running with the travel of the boat and when you were running against?It would be fun to see the graph of that speed going back and forth between ~30mph and ~16mphWith my FR305, I always turned off the GPS when I ran on deck or on the treadmill when we took a cruise earlier this year. I don’t know whether the FR305 has the same option to choose between showing footpod pace or GPS pace if the GPS is on.

  39. Benoît a toujours l’oeil et le bonCelui qui voit au-delà des chosesEt il est doux de caboter doucement avec luiDes plages d’Agnès à la Côte d’OpalePatience infinie de la voile latine…(témoignage de XYZ, qui fut le voisin de galère de Benoît de 19.. à 19..)

  40. Je n’ai jamais adhéré au PC ni à aucun autre parti d’ailleurs et je suis secrétaire général d’une union locale et d’un syndicat. Jamais personne ne m’a demandé d’adhérer, ni même si j’étais déjà adhérant au PC ou ailleurs.Sinon, je ne touche pas un centime supplémentaire pour mes occupations syndicales et je n’ai aucune heure de délégation.

  41. Mark, you starts with the (unsupported) assumption that Paul instructed the Galatians on the collection just before writing 1 Corinthians, and conclude that the letter to the Galatians was written after 1 Corinthians. Gerd Luedemann attempted the same argument in „Colloquy on New Testament Studies“ by Bruce Corley p298. However, the instructions to the Galatians were given years earlier (see my previous comments).

  42. It’s hard to say precisely how bad they’ll be, but I’m sure they’ll still be out. Bring plenty of bug spray, light weight long sleeve shirts and if you wear one, a hat. They’re seldom out all day. When the temperature warms they’re usually down for the day and don’t come back out until early evening.

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  44. Well, give „The Times On-line“ credit for getting the part about ’not having a right to be offended‘ stated correctly and for the record. Remember that Islam demands no one be allowed to „insult Allah, Mo, or the rest.“ To the extent that Wilders speaks nothing but the truth, no matter how embarrassing or distressing for practitioners of Islam in today’s PC atmosphere, he must be allowed to do so. After all, anyone who has ever read ahadith, the Qu’ran, or any of the multiple bios of Mo will learn that he was a paedophile, multiple rapist, and cold blooded murderer. These are historical and Islamically accepted truths that cannot be papered-over by claiming to be „offended“.

  45. , “You would go home with a goddamn barrel of money.”Henry you read it your way, I read it mine, could both be wrong. All I was really saying was that quoting only the bit about buckets of money needed a bit of expansion. The fact that he had “mounting divorce costs” and so on certainly indicate that money was an early factor, but the balance of the article does not support and all and only greedy motive.

  46. Louis XIV had at least some understanding of his finances. W.H. Lewis, in his book "The Splendid Century," notes that when Mme de Maintenon suggested to him that the royal charities should be increased, he responded that to do so would only burden the people of France with higher costs in taxation for the maintenance of the state. If only Mr Obama and most members of Congress had as much understanding as the Sun King!

  47. You’re so awesome! I do not suppose I have read through a single thing like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

  48. Visst är den bra? Dottern fick den i julklapp och den blev genast en favorit. Tyckte väldigt mycket om att bokstäverna var lite huller om buller. För de behöver ju inte vara i ordning för att man ska lära sig dem.

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  50. Ik als Nederlanse vrouw weet echt heel goed waaraan ik ben begonnen. Ik heb geen vader die me dwingt (integendeel zelfs) geen broers of wie dan ook die mij een keuze laat maken hierin. Ik snap niet waarom er altijd gedacht wordt dat vrouwen onderdrukt zijn in de Islam? Dat is echt een verkeerd beeld. Ik kies zelf voor mijn hoofddoek en als ik daar gelukkig mee ben, is er verder toch geen probleem?

  51. Have been enjoying your blog–could you further describe the tote you used to construct your solar oven? My husband and I are really interested in learning how to harness this kind of energy, and while it is doubtful we could get a post office tote, we may be able to find something similar. Thanks for the tips on food storage as well.

  52. ThomasB : je suis completement d’accord avec vous ! Les libéraux sont les 1ers à réclamer la fin des subventios pour TOUTES les entreprises, y compris le CAC 40.Il n’y a que l’UMP, le PS et leurs deux fronts pour vouloir faire de la politique industrielle à coups de subventions !

  53. Paprika! Raaka paprika tai lämmin paprika. Yöks! Oikeasti haluaisin tykätä siitä, sillä todella monessa ruoassa on paprikaa. Olen yrittänyt opetella syömistä, mutta ei vain onnistu. Ehkäpä sekin estää tykkäämistä, että jälkeenpäin saan hillittömän närästyksen. Paprikajauhe taas kuuluu lempimausteisiini. Omituista :)Myöskään mustekalat ja äyriäiset eivät saa minua hihkumaan onnesta ja varsisellerinkin voisi jättää kokonaan pois kaupan vihannesvalikoimasta.ihana aihe, hassuja inhokkeja meillä kaikilla :)Minttupia

  54. Der Folder über den Schulwechsel ist mal wieder eine ganz tolle Idee von dir! Und sooo schön umgesetzt – wow! Mir gefallen die Washi-Streifen, die Sterne und der kleine gestanzte Teil am Rand besonders gut. Und bei deinem anderen Werk ist der ausgeschnittene Globus mein Highlight. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt was man mit der Cameo alles tolles zaubern kann.Wünsche dir und deinen Lieben einen schönen 1. Adventssonntag!LG, Kerstin

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  56. i want us too keep having national day of prayer.we can pray at home for pray.its not the same when we all gather for this day it need to keep it so we all can come together to pray for our nation and all who sever for our contry to have freedom and freedom to pray and read our bibles.and worship our father and mitarey men and women troops.

  57. I support this and intend to check Before Watchmen out. Watchmen is a true classic but it is not a sacred cow. If a great story can still be told with these characters, then by all means DC should go for it. And with the creative teams that have been announced, I’m confident that they can do exactly that.

  58. Liebe Ursula,der Kranz mit den kleinen Häkelhäusern ist wunderschön! Vielen Dank auch für die Anleitung!Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen und stressreien Dienstag!♥ Allerliebste Grüße Claudia ♥Sag mal, mit der Emailinfo bei neuen Einträgen ….ich hab gar keine Meldung beommen……wie kann ich dir sonst folgen, ohne was zu verpassen?

  59. Welcome back Subtopia, fantastic post – architecture is always in some form a manifest of earth's products (like a meal is the product of the chef and the ingredients) , but never so nakedly as in the gaza examples you've posted. I was particularly struck by the image of the Palestinian boy amid the brick: a field of clay that looks like nothing so much as Berlin's Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe.DG

  60. Was erlaubt sich eigentlich der Papst, so über die Menschheit zu urteilen. Warum dürfen keine Kondome verwendet werden? Gerade in den Entwicklungsländern ist Aids ein großes Problem. Mit der Nutzung von Kondomen wäre dieses Problem eingeschränkt. Wäre das im Sinne Gottes, dass sich Krankheiten durch das Verbot von der Benutzung von Kondomen, weiter verbreiten?

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  62. The whistling, if authentic, is by far the most dramatic and thought-provoking of all of the evp’s listed here. It’s stronger and clearer than any of the “voices” and, if I had been on site, and I knew empirically that it was a properly controlled evp session and that no one heard any such thing at the time, and I found it on my recorder the next day – it would creep me out. (At least a little )

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  65. Excelente documental Luis,parece increible que estos científicos hayan debido luchar tanto para demostrar que el Sol y las fuerzas del universo tienen influencia sobre el clima en la Tierra…Gracias por tu aporte.

  66. You crack me up, Robshandmonkey! Hey, if you ever want to be a guest reviewer, let me know. Your excitement about the stories you rec’d is contagious. So glad you’re here!Ditto, ditto about Counterpoint. I do rec to you who haven’t read it, that you read read Art AFter 5 first. It is from Bella’s POV and Counterpoint is EPOV. Both are fantastic, and no, it is not repetitive reading Counterpoint. Author does an amazing job with that.

  67. Les australiens ne sont pas reputés pour leur finesse, c’est bien connu chez les voyageurs En même temps j’imagine qu’un blanc bec rouquin s’exprimant dans la langue de shexpire dans un de nos bus de banlieu ne doit pas se sentir vraiment à son aise

  68. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

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  75. The only reason I’m here today is because both sides of my family sought freedom from religious persecution and war in their native countries. My fathers grandparents escaped Nazi Germany. My mother escaped Protestant Northern Ireland. I know what religious persecution is and it’s deadly serious consequences. We’re a whole country of immigrants here for the same reasons, how frighteningly quickly we seem to forget.

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